What We Wish Every Investor Knew About Real Estate

Real estate companies are everywhere. You can probably find one in every major U.S. city. But not all real estate companies are the same, and it can be difficult to identify the good ones unless you know what to look for. Let’s be honest — anyone can slap a coat of paint on a property, take some before and after photos, and advertise what they do as “investing.” But is this the type of real estate company you want to put in charge of your money?

Consider the Market & the Property

When you invest in real estate, you’re not just investing in the home. You’re also buying into the local market. Consider the answers to specific questions, like:

  • What are the vacancy rates in the area?
  • What is the tenant profile of the neighborhood?
  • Are the homes appreciating in value?

If you don’t consider the demands of the local market before investing, you could be in trouble. Forbes recently ranked the Boise area as the top real estate investing markets. When building their list, Forbes looked at some key indicators that are worth looking at:

  • Past and Projected Job Growth
  • Cost of Living
  • Income Growth
  • Projected Economic Growth

While there is no way to predict the future growth or decline of a real estate market, you can still benefit by doing some research on just a few of the markets where you are considering investing. Once you have identified the best market for your investment, focus next on finding the best neighborhood within the market. this is something we do well at Shiloh.

Consider the Location

Even in a thriving market like Boise, home values and property classifications can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. When looking at potential investment properties (or, companies), think about some of your own criteria for buying a home:

  • Who lives in the neighborhood?
  • How are the schools?
  • What amenities are available nearby?
  • What is the overall tenant quality of other rental homes in the area?

Even though you won’t be living there, these are important questions to answer as a real estate investor. Quality neighborhoods not only attract quality tenants, but the homes in these areas are more likely to hold or even increase in value. Take a step back before deciding on your investment to ensure that you choose a property that will attract quality tenants.

Real Estate Investing

Find a partner who will stick around after the transaction is finished, especially when purchasing a turnkey real estate investment. When you invest in a property, you want a provider who will be there for the life of your investment — through tenant turnover, income disbursements, and divesting of your property. Shiloh does this and offers

  • Assistance with the closing process
  • Recommendations on property management services
  • Regular updates on your property
  • Support for any issues with your investment

Find a partner who will be there every step of the way. Even if you invest in a quality home, in a quality market, in a quality neighborhood, you may still leave money on the table if you don’t have a good team to support your real estate investment.

Invest in a Growing Real Estate Market

Shiloh Management Services has an established presence in one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S.- the Boise Metropolitan Area. Contact us to find out how you can begin investing.  Whether you’re a new investor looking to finance your first investment, an experienced investor hoping to diversify your retirement nest egg, or an overseas investor entering the U.S. market, Shiloh Management Services has the team to meet all your needs.