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The Team

The Shiloh team has over 30 years of combined experience in real estate, real estate investing, and new build project management.


Nate Pyles
Founder & CEO

Nate has been involved in the Boise Metropolitan Area as a real estate investor for over 10 years. As a full-time professional real estate investor, he’s generated millions of dollars in revenue through private money investors and real estate transactions. Nate is responsible for implementing Shiloh’s investing strategy, managing investment portfolios, maintaining a competitive advantage, forming and executing on clearly defined investment strategies, seeking adequate capitalization, setting and maintaining marketing and sales plans, and overseeing risk management strategy.

Email: nate@shilohbuild.com



Danny Schuster
Business Operations

Danny grew his roots as a builder and contractor in Southern California managing large build projects and running business operations for multi-million dollar companies. He moved to the Boise area to team up with Nate and supervise build projects and business operations for Shiloh Management Services. Danny provides management of various construction projects, is a member of the project team (for the management of the design and construction teams) and manages communication and coordination with cross-functional, internal project teams. This is accomplished through thoughtful leadership and managing consistent processes, maintaining thorough records, minimizing disruptions to work processes, and monitoring for errors and omissions.

Email: danny@shilohbuild.com