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About Us

Why Invest in Boise Real Estate?

Real estate offers competitive risk-adjusted returns by enhancing the risk and return profile of an investor’s portfolio. Even during the subprime mortgage crisis (which we did very well in), private market real estate returned an average ROI of 8.4% from 2000 to 2010. Real estate is an attractive option, especially when compared with more traditional sources of income return as it maintains a comparably low volatility.

Compared to the stock market, real estate investing is safer, easier to get started, and doesn’t require a Wall St. education. Playing the stock market requires a lot of education. You have to know how the system works, how trading works (not least the different kinds of financial instruments used), as well as research your brokers and fund managers. Once you’ve done this, you need to research the actual companies on the market – which involves digging through the financial press, annual reports, other company releases and so on.

Investing in property, meanwhile, is much simpler. We’ve already done the homework, know the market, have the connections, know what sells and what doesn’t, and have the business acumen to build and sell properties quickly.

How Does the Investing Process Work?

Shiloh Management Services offers the education and the experience to easily guide you through your investment process. We’re based in the Boise, Idaho area, and maintain long-lasting and powerful relationships with the real estate and development community locally. We’ve been doing real estate builds and investment for over 10 years locally, and are exclusively empowered and uniquely positioned to help you build steady wealth in your financial life with our top tier professional investment builds.

  • Your investment funds new builds in the Boise area
  • Newly built properties with modern finishes
  • Timeframe for project: 6-9 months from purchase, build to retail sale
  • Houses typically built in about 100 days
  • All of our new builds are marketed by our professional marketing real estate team & generally sold within 3 months of completion
  • At the sale of property, investors get their principal and interest at a fixed APR, and we’re ready for the next deal

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